The Hot Blend Nail Salon offers different gel enhancements to suit all nail types. Our services are built around growing the natural nails long and healthy. All manicure treatments include thorough cuticle cleaning and dead skin removal around the nail wall. Having the perfect prep is essential for a long lasting gel set just as much as using high quality products. We use industry leading, vegan and cruelty free gel products.

All services includes a luxurious scrub, essence, cream and oil at the end of the gel enhancement. We are proud to use Clé de Peau Beauté, La Prairie, Shiseido, Omorvicza and La Mer  products to provide an outstanding, quality service to our customers.

Builder Gel On Natural Nails

Builder Gel is ideal for clients with weaker nails or those who are heavy handed and require something more durable. If you would like to grow your natural nails strong and long the builder gel will protect your nails and adds extra strength to grow them without doing any harm.  Please note that the builder gel on natural nails DOES NOT EXTEND THE NAILS. It is an overlay on bare natural nails

The treatment includes thorough cuticle cleaning and dead skin removal, builder gel ( please note all builder gels are coloured; we have a wide range of colours to ensure a match for all skin colours) and 2 coats of colour of your choice can be added as simple nail art. Lastly, we will apply your preference of either gloss top coat or a matt top coat. The builder gel can lasts between 3 to 4 weeks.

We will finish the service with your choice of Clé de Peau Beauté, La Prairie, Shiseido, Omorvicza or La Mer (scrubs, essences, creams and oil).

We also recommend to use oil at least once a day. It helps the nail healing and growth process and keeps the gel in a good condition.


New Set Of Builder Gel (Existing Clients Only)

Boulder gel will be removed and reapplied each appointment to ensure that the natural nail condition is healthy . Please note that we only remove work that we’ve done previously (we do not remove other nail technician’s work). Please note this service should only be booked if you are an existing client.


Luxurious British Manicure 

The Luxurious Manicure Treatment is ideal for clients that would like to keep their nails clean and healthy but can’t wear any gel for personal preference or work reasons. Luxurious British Manicure is extremely popular treatment amongst the gentlemen. If you would like to treat yourself after a long week or surprise your loved ones for a special occassion. This relaxing gift will be a real treat!

The service includes thorough cuticle cleaning and dead skin removal, nail filing, hand scrub, essence, mist, cream, oil and perfume. The client choice of products ( Clé de Peau Beauté, La Prairie, Shiseido, Omorvicza, La Mer ) finishing the treatment OPTIONAL with Essie strenghtening clear regular polish.


Aftercare Do’s and Dont’s


  • Be especially careful in the first 24 hours after application and avoid intense heat during this period (e.g. saunas, hot bath, or sunbeds).
  • Always wear rubber gloves when washing up, cleaning or gardening to avoid chipping, lifting and discoloration.
  • Avoid long periods of time in water (e.g. long baths, swimming, washing up).
  • Always wash your hands thoroughly after being in contact with chlorine, insect repellent or sunscreen.
  • Use oil daily on the skin will help to keep your nails nourished, to stimulate growth and prevent lifting.
  • Always return to the salon for maintenance and removal and follow any advice given to you by your nail technician.



  • Use your nails as tools (e.g. opening cans of drinks with nails, scraping hard plastic labels off etc.) as this could lead to cracking, breakage.
  • Chew or open the sealPick or peel the product off as this could damage your natural nails.
  • File the ends of your nails as this will break the seal of the gel and could cause lifting. If the gel has lifted, avoid applying any pressure at the end of the nails as it could break the top layers of the natural nails and could lead to damage, breakage and chipping.